The Power of Taking a Risk

Even though I spend a lot of the summer doing school work, I make a deliberate effort to stay away from school for the summer.  Two days ago, I returned to my classroom for the first time since June 13th, our last day of school. I was meeting with some other department members to review … Continue reading The Power of Taking a Risk

When We Lose a Colleague

While this initially may seem like a depressing  topic to write about heading into a new school year, I actually think it is an important one to think about as we head back to school.  Of course, it is sad and difficult when anyone dies.  Even if we did not know someone personally, as humans … Continue reading When We Lose a Colleague

Giving Purposeful Homework Assignments

The word “homework” tends to evoke negative emotions for anyone associated with it-- students, parents, and even teachers. Students don’t like it because it often feels like a waste of time and like “busy work". It  takes time and energy when they would rather be working at a job, playing a sport, or doing something … Continue reading Giving Purposeful Homework Assignments

Helping Students Learn Good Study, Organizational, and Note Taking Skills in Your Content Area

Shortly after I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in English in 1990 and teaching jobs were hard to find, I worked as a substitute teacher at Foxborough High School, where I had done my student teaching  the previous spring. One day, I was approached by the head of the Special Education Department, Roberta, who encouraged me … Continue reading Helping Students Learn Good Study, Organizational, and Note Taking Skills in Your Content Area

Why Teachers Need Summer Vacation

I remember early on in my education classes in college…. The professor asked why we chose teaching as a career. I can still picture the woman who responded, “June, July, and August.” I remember chuckling but then realizing quickly that she meant it. She was serious.  Without a doubt, it is nice - and I … Continue reading Why Teachers Need Summer Vacation

Why I am Writing a Blog about Teaching

We  might not knowingly think of the specific terms purpose and audience when we sit down to write something, but the odds are high that we have thought about them.  Writing, in its simplest terms, boils down to 1. why we are writing and 2. for whom. A grocery list scribbled on a scrap piece … Continue reading Why I am Writing a Blog about Teaching